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The following is a list of books which may be of interest to ski mountaineers, divided into 'instructional books' and 'others', it is far from complete. I have included a few books on technical aspects of downhill skiing.


Author Date Title Notes
Cliff, Peter 1987 Ski Mountaineering Unfortunately long out of print
Selters, Andrew 1999 Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue (2nd edition)
Club Alpin Franais 2004 Le Manuel de la Montagne Le ski, l'escalade, l'alpinisme et beaucoup plus
Commissione Nazionale Scuole di Alpinismo e Sci Alpinismo 2004 I "Manuali del Club Alpino Italiano" 13 Sci Alpinismo
Whitehead, Jeremy 1990 Alpine Ski-touring & Ski-mountaineering
Odén, Jimmy 2005 Freeskiing
Volken, Martin; Schell, Scott & Wheeler, Margaret 2007
Backcountry Skiing -
Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering

Parker, Paul 1988
Freeheel skiing - Telemark and Parallel Techniques for All Conditions A classic, the anecdotes change between editions
Barnett, Steve 1983 Cross country downhill and other nordic mountain skiing techniques, (3d edition)
Bein, Vic 1982 Mountain Skiing A rare mix of alpine & nordic
O'Bannon, Allen &  Clelland, Mike 1998 Allen & Mike's Really Cool Telemark Tips
Cartoon style, très drôle
O'Bannon, Allen &  Clelland, Mike 2002 Trucchi per il telemark above in Italian
Daffern, Tony 1999 Avalanche Safety (2nd edition)
Hurn, Martyn 1987 Skiing Real Snow  
Technique for alpine downhill
Barton, B & Wright, B 2000 A Chance in a Million ? - Scottish Avalanches (2nd edition)

Author Date Title Note
Sheridan, Guy 1989 Tales of a Cross-Country Skier Ski touring in the Himalaya & elsewhere
Sheridan, Guy 2006 Taxi to the Snow Line Subtitled "mountain aventures on nordic skis";  tales from the Drakensberg, Iceland, Lappland, Albania, the Abruzzi, Sierra Nevada, Canadian Rockies, Zanskar, Ladakh, South Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, New Zealand and Iran.
Nansen, Fridtjof 1895 The First Crossing of Greenland   Many editions & translated into many languages
Wilberforce-Smith, P & B 1987 A Little Walk on Skis  An account of a traverse of the Alps over several years
Lunn,  A 1926 Alpine ski-ing at all heights and seasons
Dieterlen, Jacques 1996 Leon Zwingelstein - le chemineau de la montagne Les traversées des Alpes de Leon Zwingelstein dans les années 30